About Isabelle Min

Isabelle Min is a cross culture and communication specialist. She spent her formative years living in five continents and speaks 5 languages. At TCK Institute, she combines her cross cultural upbringing with 25 years of career that includes marketing, broadcasting, public relations, training, writing, simultaneous interpreting and coaching.

Since 1999, Isabelle has developed and facilitated interactive workshop programs for Koreans and non-Koreans both in and out of Korea. Her cross cultural programs were specifically tailored for Koreans working with non-Koreans and non-Koreans working with Koreans in Korea and abroad. She was invited for three consecutive years to speak at the Korea Trade Association (KOTRA)’s Invest Korea Foreign CEO Forums, Overseas Korean Foundation (OKF) and to train the Korean staff at the Australian Embassy. Her corporate accounts included Fortune 500 corporations as GM, Citibank, Volvo, Battelle, BAT and Samsung.

Her ability to interpret Korean and non-Korean cultures combined with persuasive communication skills resulting from 7 years of national television & radio (KBS, MBN) and coaching helped her win interesting long-range projects mediating and coaching through organizational conflicts in multinational corporations.

Her year-long weekly column “Seoul Survival Tips” was instrumental in establishing Seoul Selection’s weekly e-newsletter as a prominent source of information for expats and in 2003 she co-authored “Riding in Seoul” through the same publisher. Since 2006 Isabelle has also been teaching Presentation Skills and Consumption Culture at Seoul’s SungKyunKwan University as an Adjunct Professor.

As an adult Third Culture Kid (ATCK), in 2010, Isabelle opened the Korea Chapter for the Families in Global Transition (FIGT), launched the TCKs in Korea Network and has been active in a number of local business and expat communities. She lives in Seoul with a husband and a son under the same roof as her sister-in-law’s family and welcomes her parents-in-law’s visit every Saturday.

Isabelle Min